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Blogophilia 41.14

Easter Remembrance

Long past the dusk of a drawn-out day,

my work is almost done.

Soon I’ll be sleeping my cares away,

but first I’ll look in on my son.


My little boy sleeps peacefully —

nothing can quite compare

to the sweetness of a sleeping child.

I reach out to touch his hair.


I lean over to kiss his forehead

and it occurs to me

how much this child has changed my life –

how much he’s made me see.


Dream on my little sunshine boy

of your Easter basket fill,

and as you’re dreaming I’ll not forget

Who died up on that hill.


And I will remind you when you awake

why the Easter Bunny comes,

and that we can savor each brand new day

because the Father sent His Son.


And we’re free because He died for us –

that sweet, holy Lamb from above.

He rose again and is living still

and He’s waiting to give us His Love.


So, in your slumber, little one,

seek out the Source of your joy.

He’s waiting patiently for you to see

how awesome you are, sunshine boy.

lsc – 4-17-92/3-30-04/4-15-23

This was a minute ago. Yes, this is a repost, an antique almost… lol. My faith is a little broken so it’s hard to write about it anymore. But, you know, it’s Easter and I’ve finally found my way back to church, so I figured why not? Lol, it mentions an Easter Basket 🙂

Thanks, Marvin

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