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Blogophilia 33.14

Don’t Bring Me Roses * please don’t bring me roses or say to me “be mine”. don’t you ever ask me to be your valentine. * well i stumbled upon your secret place safe in the trees you had tears on your face wrestling with your desires frozen strangers stealing your fires * a tokenContinue reading “Blogophilia 33.14”

feline existence

soul of a wild cat resist much, obey little napping in the sun. /lsc *wild cat aquaduct *Walt Whitman quote “resist much, obey little” Ecrits Blogophilia Week 30.14 Topic:  Hope Springs EternalHard Bonus: Use a line or quote by Walt WhitmanEasy Bonus: Include an aqueduct Blogs should be submitted on or before Midnight (EST), Saturday, January 28,Continue reading “feline existence”

clouds in my coffee

* morning traffic is crazy as usual. leaving the rosy pink in her rearview she drives into the awakening blue. she flips through the radio stations as she pulls into the parking lot. * robotic, she goes through the motions of tackling another day, just trying to make a difference. * thoughtlessly stirring her coffee,Continue reading “clouds in my coffee”