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Blogophilia 46.14

Where Everything Isn’t Meant to be Okay


one eye open, the other swollen shut,

along the boulevard of broken dreams,

a ripple in the plastic, a hairline crack,

yet nothing is ever mundane as it seems:


like a squirrel she hunkers down and tucks away-

can’t concentrate for constant interruption.

a thought that, maybe, that’s a saving grace;

too much focus might cause lack of function.


startled from mesmerizing bewilderment,

a desperate whisper from within sorrow;

sometimes I wish someone out there will find me

in television dreams of tomorrow.

at least the ones that I got away with.

lsc 2023

***Waving*** so, I used a bunch of Green Day lyrics from three different songs. They are italicized. Thinking that’s the only prompt I hit, but I am on time, so there’s that. I now shall search for a pic. Found it!

Also, I used a pic that Amy Brown drew, but it’s got her information on it, so I think I’m okay? lol

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 46.14 Topic: Staying Positive in a Negative World

Hard Bonus: Use any lyric from a Green Day Song

Easy Bonus:Reference one of the 7 wonders of the world (modern or ancient)

Published by bugsiboo33

just a place to post some poems

5 thoughts on “Blogophilia 46.14

    1. Thank you Marvin. Sometimes they don’t even make sense till I go back and read them. Not sure if that’s a good thing 😂. But getting it out is definitely helping


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