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Ecrits Blogophilia 44.13


hindered by usual last minute scramble

for desperately needed phone or car keys,

her habitually hasty exit interrupted

by sweet smell of lilacs hanging on the breeze.


hidden under layers of way too much life

the pieces have fallen sufficiently, it seems,

what is secret remains so necessarily,

if, indeed, anything even survives of her dreams.


eyes wide open, heart locked away,

too many times she’d been hung out to dry.

past tries had proven riskier than a desperate double down;

she’d come to treasure her safety by and by.


her being wrapped in tidy package and bow,

love not really up for consideration.

she can think of nothing better, really,

than tacos and margs and good conversation.

Hung Out to Dry

Hard Bonus: Include a double down

Easy Bonus: Drink a margarita

Published by bugsiboo33

just a place to post some poems

5 thoughts on “Ecrits Blogophilia 44.13

  1. Ah, I had the opportunity to experience the smell of lilacs when I was on my world tour hiatus. Amazing how our senses can trigger emotions and memories. Just lovely! KUDOS, Earthling! ❤


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