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Blogophilia 33.14

Don’t Bring Me Roses


please don’t bring me roses

or say to me “be mine”.

don’t you ever ask me

to be your valentine.


well i stumbled upon your secret place

safe in the trees you had tears on your face

wrestling with your desires

frozen strangers stealing your fires


a token or a hiding place

or proof of what you fear.

please don’t bring me flowers

because it’s that time of year.


walking down the city sidewalk

alone in the crowd;

no one knows the lonely one

with her head in the clouds


it’s never been a roses thing

or the stuff of fairy tales;

a short but pleasant dream, perhaps,

wispy gossamer sails.


sad faces painted over,

with those magazine smiles

headed out to somewhere

won’t be back for a while…


please don’t bring me roses

as misconception or as lie;

the scent will sickly linger

as they slowly wilt and die.


this reminded me of an old poem I wrote many years ago:

a token

she kept it on her dresser
in a little heart-shaped box
between a picture of the kids
and some pretty little rocks

its color long since faded
like the love it represents
she’s finally given up for lost
her handsome charming prince

she came across it yesterday
daydreamed of sweeter days
before he left her on her own
with three kids to raise

she pulled it from its hiding place
of all these lonesome years
it crumbled in her one clinched fist
and she burst into tears

fragile faded rose

symbol of forgotten love

crumbles at the touch

Okay, the requirements (Heart lyrics and candy heart sayings) are in italics (I love Heart btw). I’ll probably get up and change it in the morning. lol…

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