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feline existence

soul of a wild cat

resist much, obey little

napping in the sun.


*wild cat aquaduct

*Walt Whitman quote “resist much, obey little”

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 30.14 Topic:  
Hope Springs Eternal

Hard Bonus: Use a line or quote by Walt Whitman

Easy Bonus: Include an aqueduct

Blogs should be submitted on or before Midnight (EST), Saturday, January 28, 2023 at 11 EST!! Please TAG Martien Ecrits by including his name within your blog content. In doing so, your blog will show up on his timeline. You may also post your blog link in the comment section below and/or post your blog link on the group Ecrits Blogophilia page.

There are no longer any guesses for the topic, bonus prompts or picture submissions, nor points awarded for any of these. As stated in our relaunch blog, the Blogophilia challenge has eliminated point scoring, tallying, tracking and awarding jackets. We have moved to a kinder, gentler blogging group that is no longer a competition. Instead, we aim to be inclusive, collaborative and encouraging of writers!!

What are you waiting for? Start Writing!!!

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just a place to post some poems

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