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Happy Anniversary Blogophilia

Meet and greet? Waving! Hello. I’m Lisa. I was Bugsi on MySpace.

I guess most importantly, I have four very special reasons. Two sons, Daniel and Riley (and Ry’s wife, Mary), and a daughter, Tara. Riley is my hero, he put himself through school via the Air Force. He is now a veteran (at 26), a college graduate working on his second degree and happily married. He listened. Tara is another of my heroes, she starts nursing school in August. She graduated valedictorian, was the goalie of her high school soccer team (that took third at State her junior and senior years), works at the local school day care and carries a 4.0 in her pre nursing college classes. Oh, and did I mention homecoming queen? Yes, she is everything I could never be and I couldn’t be more proud. She just celebrated two years with her boy, and I think he might be the one for her. Dan and I, we’re the outcasts, but that’s okay. We all have to figure it out some time.

I don’t have much family around, except for my brother. We just celebrated his birthday on the Ides of March (he’s a little dramatic about that, et tu Brute?). When he was fourteen, he wanted to be Jacques Cousteau. I remember any time Mr. Cousteau had a special on television, we would be watching it and he would be dreaming. But not to tell of good or evil luck, it’s kind of difficult to get into deep sea diving when you live in Missouri. He’s another of my heroes, but don’t tell him, it’ll go to his head. We had a rough childhood, but he was the brave soldier and stuck it out, while I was the deserter.

I did a lot of writing on MySpace, and when that ended I was happy to find Blogophilia. I love that the members choose the prompts and topics, so it keeps them varied. I’m thinking maybe I joined Marvin’s group in around 2014…?

It’s hard to believe it’s been 14 years! I bid all of us the happiest of anniversaries, and I thank you for the inspiration (which is quite needed by me most of the time). Writing does me a lot of good, and I constantly need a little poking and prodding, and Marvin does so quite nicely. If I could, I’d buy you all a gold necklace to go with that leather jacket.

Oh, maybe I’ll try a couple guesses:


Okay, but really:

1)dj 2) light show 3) hey Mr. D.J. play me a song 4) at the controls 5) moshing/mosh pit 6) gno 7) elo 8) karoake 9) dance club 10) clubbing.

Ecrits Blogophilia Week 1.14 Topic: Happy Anniversary to Us (Topic Provided by Marvin)
Bonuses – Choose up to three bonus suggestions and use in your blog to score 2 points each (6 points maximum):
(I only included the ones I used and I bolded them)
– Incorporate a gift that is appropriate for a 14th anniversary
– Integrate a line from Shakespeare’s Sonnet 14

– Incorporate the Ides of March
– Name something a 14 year old likes to do

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